Aldersgate Village Recovery Center

About the Recovery Center

Physical Rehabilitation affects the whole person - mind, body and spirit. Post hospital care should address all three.

The Aldersgate Village Recovery Center offers sub-acute care, with developed treatment programs designed to concentrate on every aspect of the patient's medical, physical and emotional recovery.

Sub-acute care is a comprehensive, cost-effective and outcome-oriented approach to care for patients requiring short-term, complex physical or medical rehabilitation, delivered by a physician-directed interdisciplinary team. sub-acute programs are utilized as an alternative to prolonged, inpatient care at a hospital.

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Aldersgate Village offers a comprehensive program to restore the use of muscles, bones and nervous system, ensuring the recovery of patients to their highest level of function after illness or injury. Our therapies include; heat, cold, massage, whirlpool baths, ultrasound, and exercise strengthening. Our team of experienced professionals provides the expertise and encouragement needed for patients to overcome physical limitations and return to their home with confidence and a renewed sense of independence.

Therapy Services at the Aldersgate Village Recovery Center